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MITTA works very closely with MOTAC to safeguard the rights and interest of members.

MITTA plays a key role in encouraging bilateral tourism partnership thru active participation with key industry players.

Networking and Business Development

  • Gives a great networking opportunity.
  • Can connect with your contemporaries in the travel industry and engage yourself with lucrative businesses and build professional relations with them.
  • Help you bridge the gap between you and your competitors and help you build strong alliances.

Professional Development & Learning

  • Offer learning opportunities to its members through the current trend of E-Learning
  • Train and educate members on the latest technologies, travel trends and industry standards.
  • Getting to learn new things will help members to come up with innovative ideas to strengthen their businesses.

Help in Building Customer Trust

  • Membership reassures your customer or potential customer of the credibility of your business.
  • Being a member of MITTA, your business projects a positive image in the mindset of customers.


  • MITTA will work closely with the government for the benefit of its members to develop and implement better trade laws.
  • Members will have easy access to the updates, this will help members to adapt to these new regulations, help you prepare to lobby to change such guidelines collectively.